Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ched si Waterfall, Nong Khai

Located in ban Phu Ngeun in Ban tong sub-district, Se Ka district, Cha Naen Waterfall is a little bit further from Tham Foon Waterfall. In rainy season, however, the road might be inoperative, so ones might need to board a boat to the fall instead.

Phu Tham Phra Waterall: Originated from Huai Bang Bard, Phu Tham Phra Waterfall is a very nice, clean, and full waterfall flowing down the 100m wide  cliff to the valley shaped like a large basin. it is located in ban Tham Phra, Soak Kham sub-district, approximately 34km from se ka downtown. If you start from the wildlife sanctuary office, use the road from Ban Don Siad, pass Ban siriphat, Ban Tong, Ban Soak Kham, and Ban None Samran to Ban Tham Phra. The total distance is 37km, and the road is a well-paved asphalted road. When you reach the entrance to the waterfall, park the car and either walk further or board a local boat along the canal (Klong Bang Bard) for about 1km.

Apart from these waterfalls, tourists could also trek along the nature trail to Tham Noi Waterfall (3km), or to the beauty spot at the back of Tham Prai (3km). from this spot, you will be able to see breathtaking scenery over the lush forests and the Mekong River below.


Since ched Si Waterfall is situated within the area of Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary, there are no lodgings or any facilities provided. If ones would like to visit and spend the night at this fall, however, ones can ask for the permission from Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary office and bring their own tent and camping equipment.


Se Ka district is the last district of Nong Khai province. It is around 50km away from Beung Khan district and 200km away from Nong Khai town. There are local buses running from Nong Khai town to Beung Khan district, and minibuses from Beung Khan district to Se Ka district, but such minibus will be running only before noon. So it will be much more convenient if you get there with your own vehicle.

Ched Si Waterfall is located around 264km from Nong Khai town. The best way to get there is using the road Se Ka-Ban Dong. From Ban Dong, go further for around 40km until you reach ban Don siad, and continue for 5km along the concrete road.

In order to get to Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary office, starting from Nong Khai town, take highway 212 pass Pone Pisai, Pak Khad, and Beung Khan districts. When you reach Bung Khla sidtrict, at km marker 179 (Ban Don Chik), there will be a right turn to Phu Wua wildlife Sanctuary office, which is only approximately 6km away.


Phu Wua wildlife Sanctuary: 0 4242 9362, 0 1544 0772


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